Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 17, 2017--Happy P-day!

My most lovely Mom,

We had a little bit of a scare with F this week--we taught him the Law of Tithing on Tuesday, and he had a lot of concerns but didn't really say anything about them. When we went over  on Thursday, he just wasn't his usual genki self--he we straight to talking about how tithing was Muri for him, so it was pointless to keep studying with us. He took his bookmark out of the Book of Mormon and threw it away, and handed his Book of Mormon and pamphlets back to us. We were both flipping out on the inside but managed to keep it cool and continue talking with him. I have never prayed so hard during a lesson in my life! We were trying so hard to follow the spirit, and as we talked, he started to share more of his feelings and concerns, and by the end he felt better about everything and decided he wanted to keep studying with us after all! He took his Book of Mormon and pamphlets back, it was wonderful. Most of his concerns were pretty simple, we just needed to take the time to talk about them with him. He told us he was grateful we have a relationship of trust! I think we are even more grateful than he is. He came to church again his week and came to the branch barbecue today and had a fun time!

M kyoudai had also been coming to church consistently the last few weeks--and he just got called as the Sunday School President! We are trying out a gospel principles class for investigators and new members for the first time ever next week, and he asked us if it would be ok for him to teach it. Of course we were so excited for him to teach, and he seems so excited too! So amazing that someone who was "less-active" literally last month is now prepping lessons to help investigators when they come to Sunday School! He is doing so well. His wife still hasn't been able to come yet, but we visited the 2 of them last night and we think she just needs some time and she'll come around.

This week is the "kekko challenge"! Sekiguchi Kaicho is a genius--he is having a mission-wide competition to see which district can get the most kekkos (it will be averaged per companionship). We have some crazy plans to talk to so many people and get so many kekkos! (kekkos = no thank you's = being turned down!)

We don't have very much time today since we had a branch barbecue almost all day but things are going great here and we can barely keep up with everything! Life is great :)

Love you so much!! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Paskett
Big Boy's Burgers for Elder Holdaway's birthday!

Little birthday party at GoEigo!

Branch BBQ

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