Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 26, 2017--Summer is official!

Ai suru haha sama,

Yeah it's way hot. And mushi Atsui. It's only been around 20-25 degrees, but with 99% humidity it feels much hotter! We just feel sweaty all the time. But it is a nice change from the piles of snow a few months ago!

Elder Holdaway is awesome--he is from Payson, Utah and is the youngest of 13 kids. Japanese people are always way shocked to hear that haha. He played the clarinet for a while and is a talented singer too! He is a little on the quieter side but is really hilarious, you have to really be listening to notice some of the funny stuff he says. Haha he also loooves chocolate! But yeah he is awesome and we are doing great :)

Our week has been great, and so fast--we have like 0 time to relax and breath throughout the week, but it's actually fun that way. The getting-ready time in the morning is the most relaxed time of the day for me. Usually we get back and still have to eat dinner, then record stuff in area book, and without fail someone in the district or the zone leaders will call us and then next thing we know it's 10:25! We have a digital clock on the wall by where we sleep, and almost every night this week I finished brushing my teeth then ran and dove onto my futon, then looked over to the clock right in time to see it change from 10:30 to 10:31. Haha it's like the Lord is helping us to be obedient.

We visited our PI M san and she has a super cute grandson, A kun. He is 3 years old and he loves us! He saw that we were there and he wanted to give us some muffins. M san was so shocked because she says he doesn't usually like to share his things. She said we are a good influence and good examples for him. A little bit later, he was rolling on the floor while playing with some action figures, and he was playing pretty rough and bending his brother's playing cards. M san noticed and basically said "come on A kun, play nice! Oniisan Tachi don't do things like that." It was just interesting that even though she hasn't learned very much doctrine yet, she can tell what kind of people we are, and she listens because she wants that good influence in her life, especially for her young grandkids. With both her and the T family, we are noticing that a huge part of softening the parents' hearts will be through being a good influence on their kids.

We had splits on Thursday, I got to work with Orgill Choro from Ichinoseki. We had a good time, we taught F san in the morning and spent a large chunk of our day looking for students to invite to English class. We try to position ourselves on a street close to a school around the time when schools are getting out, then talk to as many people as we can before the wave of students passes. In the evening, we were close to where the T family lives (M chan's family), and I felt like we should stop by. The whole family used to be investigators, but right now just M chan is taking lessons with the sisters. When we stopped by, her little brother Y kun answered the door, he is 15 years old. He was a little shy at first but he warmed up to us pretty quickly. We found out that he likes magic so we asked him to show us some of his card tricks, which he was super excited about. As we were talking, M chan heard us and came out to talk too, then as we were all talking at their door, their Dad came home from work. We had met M chan and her mom before, but that day we were able to meet their whole family! It was perfect because the Dad came back as we were talking and laughing with his kids. He had to leave to go back to work right away, but he was so friendly and likes missionaries a lot. We sang I am a Child of God with Y kun and M chan, and just briefly talked about the meaning of the song and testified about Heavenly Father. They are both so awesome, and need the gospel! We are hoping to be able to teach the whole family, but it's hard because the parents like missionaries but aren't too interested in the gospel right now.

We had 2 new students at our Saturday English class which made arecord of 3 students! Huge improvement from my first week at a solid 0 students haha. And our basketball friend, I, wants to learn English but his schedule is pretty tight right now so he can't make it to either of our 2 classes. But, we are working with him to possibly start a 3rd class, because he knows like every 19 and 20 year old guy in our area so of we can do a class at a day and time that work for him and his friends, that would be awesome!

That is great you get to go to Indonesia!! Make sure and take some pictures when you pass through Japan :) that is so awesome though! Take me with you next time ;) Have so much fun! And don't get typhoid.

Love you so much!!!
Elder Paskett

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